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Bulk Sms Sender app is an Android application with a material design theme. A simple easy to use Android app for sending bulk SMS to multiple recipients. It is a powerful open-source application and small in size. It allows us to send customized SMS messages through their carrier network to all contacts that are listed in a .txt input file.

Whether your business is newly set up or you are among the big names of the market, one thing is for certain, sooner or later you’ll also require a platform for marketing your products and services. And for targeting a vast and diverse market in a very short duration of time, no other service can beat Bulk SMS Services. As competitiveness increases, messaging is perhaps the best and fastest way to gain popularity and increase to awareness for a brand. It is an extremely effective medium to reach out and connect with millions of people at the same time.

According to statistics, 82.1% of respondents say they open every SMS text message they receive and another statistics show that a SMS is opened within five minutes of its delivery. It means using bulk SMS service for your marketing campaign is a great choice. For coupons or deals, new products launch information, personal alerts, limited offers, seasonal discounts, appointment reminders or for everything else you can use bulk SMS services in any way.

Below are highlighted points about how bulk SMS Services can add value to your business and how you can take benefit from it.

1. Selective Customer Profiles

One of the prime advantages of using Bulk SMS Services is that you can select your customer profiles. It means you can send messages to a specific target group as per your requirement.

2. Fast Reach

SMS has fast reaching approach as compare to other advertising mediums. Whether it’s an OTP SMS or transactional SMS, bulk SMS reach fast and are read quickly by the users.

3. Non-Disturbing Marketing

Unlike other marketing channels like- Telecalling, it’s a non-annoying method of reaching to your audience. Calling on wrong time sometimes make a negative impression of your brand. That’s why most companies prefer bulk SMS services over telecalling as an initial way of approaching to their prospective customers.

4. Boost Sales

Bulk SMS solutions are ideal approach to increase sales as it offers its clients an amazingly way to promote new products, services and offers. Have something new to offer your customers? Just use Bulk SMS services and forget the rest.

5. Low Cost With High Returns

As compare to other marketing channels like television advertising, news paper advertising, outdoor advertising or other such forms of advertising SMS services are economical. Such expensive forms can be ‘out of budget’ or ‘too high’ for small businesses. Whereas SMS solutions are low budget marketing option with high ROI, for all business type whether it is small, medium or large. The best part of SMS services are that, you can put it into action in no time even with small budget.

6. No Spam Boxes Problem

Unlike email marketing, where chances are your mail goes in the spam folder of the user and he never opens it or delete it knowing it’s a spammy thing. But such thing won’t happen in SMS marketing, as there are no spam boxes, it means you always reach out to your audience who are not listed on NDNC registry (DND numbers) in no time.

7. Keep In Touch With Your Customers

Your customers love to know what special offer you are offering to them. And a bulk SMS service will do just that for you, by sending regular short term offers you can keep your customer interested in your campaigns or services. This not only sparks the interest of your customers in your services or products but also increases your brand value and thus increases your sales.

Purchase the bulk SMS app today for just $120. Contact the seller on +5978662564 for more information.


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