Artificial Intelligence.

An industry-standard, technical white paper created by Rewald Pocorni, to help small businesses and entrepreneurs understand both the value and the application of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies in the workplace.

This paper will begin by going over the rise of AI and the applications in the business industry, and the current emerging technologies that businesses should be aware of. We’ll discuss the common issues and objections that many people have to artificial intelligence being implemented in the workplace, and the need for modern businesses to adapt to new technology.

We firmly believe that being able to adapt and evolve alongside technology instead of running to catch up with it is one of the best skills that a business can have. With the rate that technology is developing right now, not adapting will simply ensure that you get left by the wayside.

We’ll also be analyzing the value that small businesses can gain from implementing it and how best to get started with this technical, jargon-filled sector. It’s commonly thought that only big businesses with even bigger budgets can access artificial intelligence technology, but here at Arantxaonline, we know that this is not the case.

Finally, this white paper will also showcase Arantxaonline’s own understanding of the industry, emerging artificial intelligence technologies that we’re intrigued by and highlight the key services and products that our team has to offer.

Everything you need to know about AI for small businesses

Artificial intelligence has experienced a massive boom in popularity and usage over the last decade or so. Technology has been developing at a breakneck speed, and plenty of innovative tools are being brought into the workplace just as quickly. More and more businesses are seeing the true value of working with emerging technologies and artificial intelligence, and customers are expecting a lot more from their favorite businesses in this regard as well.

Simply take a walk down your local high street and you’re sure to see a number of businesses that are using artificial intelligence in their day to day working lives. Whether it’s your local fashion boutique using AI to manage their email marketing system or a marketing agency using an AI powered content management system, there are plenty of wonderful uses that innovative AI technology can have in the workplace.

Many sectors have been disrupted by the developments in artificial intelligence, too- some of them being more surprising than others. Generally speaking, you wouldn’t think of agriculture as an industry that’s particularly involved with AI- but it most certainly is. Notably, artificial intelligence is being used (Walch, 2019) to overcome issues with labor and also data-based problems, such as identifying patterns. It’s not all viewed as positive, though. To be frank, artificial intelligence has got a bad reputation in the last few years. Many smaller businesses or solo entrepreneurs believe that AI and other innovative solutions to their workplace problems are only accessible to global enterprises with multi-million-dollar budgets to throw away.

Furthermore, AI is often thought of as an overly complex and jargon-filled sector. Many people are put off by new technologies or concepts simply because they’re intimidated by the unfamiliarity. There’s so many buzzwords and so-called ‘hype technologies’ involved alongside AI that many people simply don’t think it’s worth their time, either. This, of course, is not the case. Here at Arantxaonline, we firmly believe that AI and emerging technologies should be – and in most cases, are – accessible to all businesses. Whether you have ten dollars to spend or ten thousand dollars to blow, artificial intelligence is absolutely something that should be part of your daily working life.

No matter if you’re part of the sales industry, the agriculture industry, the fashion industry or something else entirely, this is a topic that is going to impact the future of your sector.

In this whitepaper, we will be taking a look at artificial intelligence in more depth. We will be looking at how it has risen in popularity over the years, the key applications in the business industry and the arguments both for and against using it. Specifically, we will be looking at the applications in marketing and sales, and ways that small businesses can harness this intriguing technology to make their day to day lives even easier.

Unsurprisingly, this is a topic that has caused a lot of debate and friction, especially online. There’s debate over ethics and legality, especially in the area of automation. Automated driving is a particularly hot topic as of late, especially with the rising popularity of self-driving Tesla cars. There’s also concerns over ‘robots taking our jobs’, where people are concerned that automation and artificial intelligence is starting to put real people out of work. It’s a fascinating industry to get involved with and read about, that’s for sure.

We’ll also be analyzing why people use this technology and how they do so successfully, and then looking at how small businesses should implement these technologies in their day to day working lives. It’s often passed off as an overly complex part of business and technology, but there’s actually some greatly simple ways to implement AI into your own work.

To finish up, we’ll take a look at Arantxaonline’s own views on emerging technology and artificial intelligence. We’ll also take a look at the key services and products that we have to offer, as we’re proud to provide a huge range of options for our clients and are convinced that we have the technology to make a difference in your own working life.

What exactly is artificial intelligence, and what technology options are there?

To start things off, let’s take a look at what artificial intelligence actually is. To put it in as simple of terms as possible, the term ‘artificial intelligence’ can be taken (Margaret Rouse, 2019) to mean the simulation of human intelligence and can refer to a number of different things including machines, software or anthropomorphized robots. In the context of the business world, artificial intelligence usually refers to technology or software that simulates human intelligence to automate a process, solve a problem or generate a product. There are many intriguing uses of artificial intelligence available on the market right now, ranging from simple content management systems to full-blown virtual assistants or robots.

So, how can artificial intelligence be used in a practical way in the workplace? One of the simplest displays of AI being used at it’s true potential is voice assistants. Pieces of technology like Amazon Alexa and Google Home have soared in popularity as of late, with many people realizing how beneficial they are to have around the office or the workplace. They’re discreet yet impressive and showcase exactly how powerful a machine is if it’s constantly learning and evolving. They aren’t without controversy, of course, as some people worry over the ethics of artificial intelligence (Julia Bossmann, 2019) and others are concerned about the possibility of spyware or hacking affecting the use of virtual assistants. To further the previous point, there are a lot of debates that come with the topic of artificial intelligence. Many people are concerned about the legal ramifications of areas of AI technology such as automation. Other people are concerned about factors like unemployment due to jobs being taken over by robots. Whatever your stance, it is truly a fascinating debate to observe and get involved with, and we’ll be taking a look at the negative sides of artificial intelligence in more detail later on in this paper. To speak generally, artificial intelligence is one of the greatest technological achievements that humans have to offer. Being able to build a machine with some level of intelligence is truly awe-inspiring, and here at Arantxaonline, we are excited to see where the developments in technology go in the future.

The rise of AI in the last decade.

Of course, artificial intelligence hasn’t been around forever, and it hasn’t been taken seriously for long either. When people first started experimenting with AI in business, critics were quick to dismiss it as a fantasy of sci-fi nerds. Nowadays, we know that this is not the case.

AI has developed at an absolutely breakneck speed and has become one of the most sought-after elements in business right now. Never before has there been an industry that’s exploded so much in a decade. Businesses nowadays are now feeling the pressure to get involved with new and innovative technologies like artificial intelligence – as they should be. One of the hallmarks of a fantastic business is that they are willing to evolve alongside technology, instead of getting intimidated by change or disruption in their industry.

One key misconception about artificial intelligence is that it’s only available for huge, multi-billiondollar companies who have thousands of employees at their beck and call. Startups and small businesses can feel intimidated by the sheer scale of the AI industry, and feel as if they can’t afford to get involved with this exciting technology. This is absolutely not correct, and artificial intelligence has become incredibly accessible over the past decade.

Think about chatbots on websites, for example. They don’t cost an arm and a leg to install, they’re relatively simple to set up with some predetermined FAQ replies and they’re visible on plenty of different types of websites. This is one of the most common showcases of artificial intelligence in the world of work, and many people wouldn’t even realize that AI is being used in them. People are quick to assume that AI can only be used in complex, expensive machinery that they fail to realize the practical uses artificial intelligence can have in the real world.

Put simply, now is the best time to get involved with AI. It’s never been a more accessible time to get involved with this exciting industry, and we would encourage as many people as possible to look into using it in their workplace. Artificial intelligence can seem like an intimidating aspect of the technology world, but if you do your research and plan accordingly, it can be one of the most rewarding decisions you make for your business.

Why is working with artificial intelligence so great?

Now that we have taken a look at artificial intelligence in more context, it’s important to go over the key benefits that businesses can expect to receive when getting AI implemented into their workplace. After all, many people are intimidated or uninterested by this field of technology in regard to their business, and here at Arantxaonline, we believe that this is a critical mistake. Firstly, one of the best things that can happen when a business starts working with AI technology is that it can make their work process much more efficient and save them time. A great example of this is marketing automation; more specifically, social media marketing automation.

As we’re sure that you know, social media marketing can take a long time. This is especially true if you’re trying to work on fast-moving, crowded platforms like Instagram and Twitter. There’s so much noise and competition on these sites that it can be quite difficult to get your voice heard by your audience. This means that you need to be posting and engaging with people on a very regular basis, but this can distract you from other key parts of your daily business operations.

This is where artificial intelligence and automation come in. Getting an automated posting tool or bundle for your business can be incredibly beneficial, and it can help you allocate your time at work in a much more productive and useful manner. Social media marketing is a wonderful thing, but it definitely takes up a lot of time- and this is one of the issues that AI is so perfectly built and designed to overcome. To further the previous point, artificial intelligence can be great for removing ‘grunt work’ or unnecessarily lengthy manual work from your day to day working life. The best example of this would be a data analysis tool that uses AI to spot patterns and record from data. This, of course, could be done by a person, but to be frank- it’s probably going to bore them and take them a long time. AI tools, in this regard, are fantastic. They’re great at working with data and numbers and can spend much more time accurately combing through statistics than a person could. This, once again, allows you and your employees to spend time in the business on the things that truly matter and require a human eye. Another benefit that can be expected when working with AI tools is that they can improve your customer service and customer experience tenfold. One of the best examples of this would be chatbots. There’s been a huge rise in the use of chatbots, as you may have noticed. This is with good reason. They’re simple to implement, not too pricey and can have a great impact on the satisfaction levels of your digital customers. The use of AI here saves you and your customer service representatives time, and it can also improve the quality of your customer’s experience with your brand. For example, someone might have a burning question at 3 in the morning that they need answered by somebody in your business, but they would be unable to contact anyone until regular business hours began. Having an AI-powered chatbot on your website is a perfect way to avoid your customers getting frustrated, and to strengthen your professional relationship with them as well. Something else that is worth noting is that AI can save businesses money and even earn them more money over time. Automating and improving a business from the inside out is one of the best ways to avoid unnecessary costs. This can in turn lead to a greater experience for the customer, which has a knock-on effect that can bring more sales through the door.

Another benefit of working with AI that should be noted is that it can improve how people perceive your company. The importance of being seen as a thought leader and innovator is something that we’re sure all of you consider frequently. Working with emerging technologies and artificial intelligence is one of the best ways to present your company as modern and up to date on the latest developments in the industry. In order to really reap the benefits of this point, do make sure that you’re marketing yourself well here. Showcase that you’re in touch with the latest and greatest innovators in your industry, or post thought provoking pieces that demand interaction from your audience. This is one of the benefits that we at Arantxaonline are personally intrigued by the most.

To further this point, being involved with AI also means that your company can stay involved in the latest conversations and debates. Not being in touch with technology means that you’re never going to be fully in touch with your community, and that you run the risk of being left behind. After all, the world of technology is developing faster than lightning at this point, and your business needs to do what it can to stay on top of this development. Speaking of communities, another key benefit of working with artificial intelligence is that there is a wonderful, insightful community built up around this technology. We’re thrilled by the passion and drive that this community showcases, and there is always an intriguing conversation to get involved with as well. If you want your business to interact with other innovators and the latest startups, AI is an area of the business world that you simply cannot afford to miss out on.

To sum this point up, AI can bring a wealth of benefits if implemented correctly. This was one of the main reasons why we wanted to bring you this white paper- we’re passionate about the latest developments in technology, and we know that our audience is as well.

What downsides are there to being involved with AI technology?

Of course, to make this a fair discussion, we need to examine whether there are any downsides to working with artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. There aren’t too many, but as with any development or intriguing change in a community, there are some key negative points that you should be mindful of. One of the main downsides to working with artificial intelligence is that it can be, quite frankly, confusing. There are so many pieces of jargon and buzzwords that people throw about in this sector, and the engineering behind AI can be confusing to understand as well. This is one of the main reasons why we see so many small businesses failing to get involved with artificial intelligence. It can just seem intimidating. To combat this, it is worth reiterating how great of a community there is in this industry. People are, generally speaking, willing to discuss the latest technology and help out new people where relevant. Furthermore, there is some wonderful social media content up for grabs online. Many people put their insightful content and ideas onto the web, simply to help out other people looking to get a foothold in the world of AI. There’s forums and chat rooms, and even social media groups dedicated to the pursuit of understanding AI too. Another downside to consider with AI is that it’s often thought of as being quite pricey. In some cases, this can be true. Small businesses in particular can get swept away by exciting concepts and flashy technology and fail to realize that they are not investing in something that is practical in the long term for their company. To answer this, we would simply encourage you to do your research. Look into all of your available options, and don’t just empty all of your resources into one AI tool- think about the long-term effects that this might have on you and your business. It is worth noting that some AI tools can simply be pricey no matter which way you look at them. In this regard, it is vital to consider how much return on investment you will get, and how much of a benefit this tool will be in your day to day life. To be blunt here, it’s important to not let hype culture sway you as there is a lot of this in the world of artificial intelligence. A commonly discussed downside to artificial intelligence is that it is not a substitute for creativity (Reddy, 2019). It is not possible to entirely replace content generation or creation with just AI-powered tools, as they can only do what they have been programmed to do. Put simply, they are constrained by the people who have programmed them. Humans, however, have unlimited creative potential and capacity for new idea generation. Another negative side to artificial intelligence is that people can often bring up the ethical implications once you try to implement it in the workplace. As we have mentioned, there’s a number of debates to consider- for example, the argument about legal liability when automated self-driving cars crash and injure/kill somebody. If you’re beginning to work with AI, it is important that you do adequate research so that you’re ready for any debates in this manner. Overall though, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies really aren’t as intimidating or exclusive as some people would like to make them out to be. Sure, there are some problems to overcome when implementing AI into your company- but this would be the same with any new type of technology or tool. The value of adapting and evolving to include new technologies into your business will always outweigh these hurdles.

The importance of being able to adapt and evolve with new technologies

As we’ve mentioned, it’s absolutely vital to showcase that you’re able to adapt and grow with the times. Businesses who show a resistance to change or new technologies are very unlikely to remain the favorite of their audience. This is because consumers and customers have undergone a severe change in the last decade.

Modern customers are smart. Most of the time, they know when they’re being sold to or when businesses are using targeted marketing campaigns. Simply showing a flashy marketing campaign and tantalizing discount offers isn’t enough anymore. A genuine, modern consumer will be looking for genuine value from your company. If they suspect that a business is old fashioned or being self-serving, they’ll be quick to leave you in the dust.

This is particularly true when considering the rise of social media. People are being more vocal than ever about their favorite brands and businesses when they’re online. Did someone act rudely to them as a customer service representative? Was there hair in the salad they ordered? Do they think the new clothing line from their favorite store is ugly? Chances are, it’s going to go on their Twitter page or as a rant on their Instagram stories. We live in a world where everything is public and up for discussion, and it’s important to use this to your advantage as a business- instead of letting it get to you. Following this point, it’s vital that you document your use of new technologies and your adventures with artificial intelligence. Start a blog or refresh your social media schedule. People love to see the person behind the computer and get to know who is running their favorite social media accounts or websites. If you can strike the balance between personable content and professional content when showing the world your new AI tools, you’re guaranteed to get a fantastic reception from your key audience. Furthermore, it’s vital to be able to do this if you want your brand to be seen as thought leaders in the industry. Wouldn’t it be nice if people turned to your blog for the first bit of feedback on a new technology, or to your social media page for advice on where to go with their business? Getting involved with new technologies is one of the best ways to hone your online reputation and make a good impact while you’re at it.

Where could AI go in the future?

This may seem like a slightly strange question to some, as artificial intelligence is quite a futuristic and sci-fi styled sector anyway- but where could AI end up in 10- or 100-years’ time? As we have discussed, this is an industry that is developing at a ravenously rapid speed. The innovation and creativity in the world of artificial intelligence is second to none, and it’s going to be a wild ride as it develops even further in the coming years. It’s worth noting that people tend to lean towards a more optimistic or pessimistic view when it comes to the future of AI. If you haven’t noticed, people get incredibly passionate about this particular field of technology and innovation.

One intriguing line of thought that comes up when reading about the future of artificial intelligence is a legal one. Will robots have rights? It’s a fascinating debate (Jules, 2019), with some people arguing that a machine can’t have rights and others determining that robots will have just as many rights as people in the future. It will be fascinating to see how this ends up in the eyes of the law, as there does not seem to be a general consensus yet. The closest thing that we currently have to this argument is the discussion of where legal causation and liability sit in the field of automated, self-driving cars. You will have probably seen Tesla and other brands discussing this fervently, and it is certainly a discussion that’s worth keeping your eye on as time goes on. One particularly fascinating area that AI is predicted to disrupt massively is the health sector. In particular, many people are considering the fact that artificial intelligence-based pattern predicting tools could be used to spot health problems and complications years before they even happen. They could be used to map out ideal diets and fitness plans, taking into account genetic factors that human doctors could only suggest or hypothesize treatments for. Currently, there’s already some interesting uses of artificial intelligence in the world of health and medical care, but there are sure to be some intriguing developments in the near future. An area of the world that AI is definitely going to revolutionize the world of business. Of course, it’s already disrupted the sector massively- but this is not a pattern that many see slowing down any time soon. The industry that you are working in now will most likely not look like the same industry in 10 years’ time. Perhaps your job will be automated? Maybe your company will move to just AI based products? Whatever happens, we’re sure that it will be fascinating. Artificial intelligence is also sure to have an intense impact on governments and militaries all over the world. This area of the debate is ever so slightly more negative than the others, as some people suggest that the authorities all over the world may be able to use AI and other new technologies to exert even more power over society. On the flip side to the previous point, some people worry that artificial intelligence programs and robots may gain full autonomy, and that they might rise up against humans in the future. This may sound like a shoddily written sci-fi novel, but it is a possibility that’s worth mentioning when looking at this debate as a whole.

Generally speaking, the future of artificial intelligence is uncertain yet fascinating, and scary yet thrilling. This is an area of technology that we simply cannot take our eyes off of.

What industries should be concerned with artificial intelligence?

Now that we’ve taken a look at the history and future of artificial intelligence, and the benefits of getting involved with AI, let’s have a look at who should be concerned with getting to grips with this technology. Is it healthcare companies that need to be considering investing in artificial intelligence? Will the music world be changed for the better if they involve themselves in this conversation? How about the field of education and schooling? The simple answer is that everyone needs to be concerned about artificial intelligence. It doesn’t matter whether you work in education, healthcare, business, art or something else entirely, this is a conversation that you cannot afford to miss out on. There’s a huge misconception that AI is only of interest to people like Elon Musk, with huge budgets and plenty of time to spare. This is most definitely not the case. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, part of a startup or a member of a global organization, you are important in this conversation. AI is something that has the power to completely revolutionize any industry that’s involved with it. Skills like automation and pattern prediction can be incredibly useful to anyone who is trying to sell a product, get a message out or interact with an audience- which is, essentially, everyone in every industry on our planet right now. The benefits are immeasurable.

What benefits can artificial intelligence bring to a small business?

To narrow down our focus in this paper even more, it’s important to discuss the key benefits that artificial intelligence can bring to a small business. This is a niche that we are particularly invested in. We understand the perspective of a small business from personal experience, and we know what they need to succeed. Furthermore, a huge portion of our audience are involved with small businesses, so this is an area of AI that’s really important to us. One key benefit to start off with is that working with artificial intelligence can save a business a lot of time. As anyone with a small business will know, there’s simply not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Small businesses often consist of much smaller teams than established, global businesses (if you couldn’t guess from the name) and everyone involved tends to exhibit much more flexibility in their job role as well. AI can help everybody involved to save a lot of time- mainly, through automation and pattern prediction or analysis. Automation is one of the main perks of AI software that small businesses should be concerned about, especially when considering sales and marketing. There are so many things that can be automated, including;

● Social media posting. As we’re sure you know, social media marketing is hugely important for success in the modern age- but it does take a lot of time, planning and effort. Automating your posting can save a lot of time and stress, and free you up to work on the things that truly matter to you. This are actually two of the services that we offer at the moment for our customers who are using Instagram and Facebook.

● Social media engagement. To further the previous point, active accounts on social media get a lot more attention, but they can be harder to maintain as a business grows. There are certain areas of social media engagement (such as likes and follows) that can be automated, to save even more time and effort.

● Blog uploads. Some people like to pass blogs off as ‘outdated’, but we’re huge fans of them in marketing campaigns if they’re done correctly. Blogs are a wonderful way to showcase exactly what your brand is all about and the latest news that you’re keeping an eye on. Automation can be used to make sure that your blog posts go up at the perfect time to catch your audience’s attention. Furthermore, automation can also be used to generate new ideas and also record how successful a blog was in terms of analytics, engagement and statistics.

● Email marketing campaigns. Again, this is not always thought of as the most innovative form of marketing- but it certainly is one of the most effective. Email marketing allows you to consistently reach out to your audience and engage with them on a deeper level. Automating this process can be a huge relief for your marketing team. You could simply automate the sending process, or you could automate the entire process including content generation and results analysis.

● Customer service. This is arguably one of the most popular areas of business to automate. Chatbots, helplines and other customer service tools can always benefit from automation. Doing so removes the need for a person to be present each time, and it can remove prank calls or unneeded interaction with trolls online. Put simply, it can hone your callers down to genuine targets and potential sales.

There are other benefits that AI can bring, of course. One of the most important ones to consider is data analysis. People are, generally, quite effective when they’re combing through data but there’s always a margin of error to consider. Furthermore, people get bored or lose focus. AI software does not lose focus or need to pop out to the shops because they forgot to buy a sandwich to have for their lunch.

When it comes to working with data or heavy sets of numbers, artificial intelligence seems to be the natural choice- pardon the pun. Once again, this links back to the previous point about saving you and your team time on menial tasks in the workplace. Small businesses don’t have a lot of time, so any step that you can take to save yourself the work without cutting any corners is surely a positive step to make for the future. A separate benefit to consider is that working with AI can completely change how people perceive your company. We’ve already mentioned this briefly earlier on in the paper, but it’s vital that we look at it once again. Being seen as a business who adapts and evolves with the times is one of the most positive things that can happen. Actively getting involved with the changes and developments in your industry is one of the most vital things that you can do if you want to be viewed as a thought leader or innovator. This rings true for small businesses especially. Reputation and reviews are a huge part of success as a smaller business, as they’re what can lead to bigger and better opportunities. Being known as innovators can lead to bigger companies reaching out to you for help with their innovation projects, for example. Furthermore, getting involved in the wider technology and artificial intelligence community can lead to your business being able to stay on top of the latest developments with ease. If you invest the time into learning about the latest software, you’ll be able to adapt to future software developments much more comfortably. Put simply, it’s important to get yourself involved in the right conversations sooner rather than later.

To further this point, getting involved in the wider community can also lead to new relationships. This could be new business relationships or support networks, or even new customers and potential sales targets. Small businesses are under more pressure than large enterprises to get involved with their peers and communities- but this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Taking part in the discussion when it comes to AI will certainly lead to some interesting partnerships being made. Overall, AI can be hugely beneficial for all types of businesses, but small businesses look to gain the most from getting involved with this ever-changing and evolving industry. Whether it’s benefits in the workroom or online, this is something that you need to consider looking into for your own business.

Easy ways to get started with AI at work

This may all sound well and good on paper, but how can you actually start to work on implementing artificial intelligence into your own working life? These are general points that any industry or business type can use, but we’d encourage you to look into more specialized tips for your own specific sector on top of this, too. One main way to get started with artificial intelligence is to evaluate your marketing strategy and campaigns. AI can be immensely useful when it comes to marketing, in terms of automation, content generation and analytics. We would recommend doing an audit and analyzing the state of your current marketing plan, and then planning out where AI could be used to make it even more effective in the future. The easiest place to start would be with social media marketing. If you have social media accounts (which you should really, as a business in 2019) then try to find a great AI-powered automation tool to help you post at optimal times for audience engagement. There’s plenty of options available on the market right now, so we would encourage you to shop around and find the platform that’s the best fit for your business and personal needs. Another way to start implementing AI into your working life is to put a chatbot on your website. It doesn’t have to be overly complex; just a simple, AI-powered chatbot that answers a few basic questions that you get asked frequently by your customers. These chatbots aren’t that expensive to install, and many of them are actually optimized to fit into different website styles.

You could also find an AI-powered data analysis or insights tool, to help make the most of the data that you have coming into your databases. Whether this is social media data, email marketing data or statistics on the people that have visited your website, having an artificial intelligence tool to help you understand it could be a great asset for your business. This isn’t an exhaustive list, of course. There are tons of creative ways to involve AI in a business, and plenty of more specialized ones as well. We would suggest looking into specific AI software for your own personal business niche, to help make the most of the technology.

Common mistakes and problems to watch out for

As with any new type of technology or change in an industry, it’s important to consider the problems and mistakes that people often get caught up in. We mentioned earlier that artificial intelligences has built up a slight reputation for being full of jargon and for being confusing, so it’s especially relevant to cover what slip-ups a new business should look out for. One key mistake that businesses often make when getting involved with artificial intelligence for the first time is spending too much money on resources that they don’t need. It’s very easy to get caught up by hype culture and swept away by over-the-top marketing campaigns- but it’s important not to do this when trying to work with AI. Make sure to do your research, consult the people around you and plan your moves accordingly. Another mistake that people often make when trying to involve AI in their work is not planning for the future accordingly. Sure, you could invest in a piece of artificial intelligence powered marketing software and call it a day- but it’s much more valuable to create a plan that involves the software and how it will benefit your company in the future. Planning ahead and strategizing is crucial if you want to make the most out of your investment. Something else that’s worth mentioning is that some people are too intimidated by change and technological developments in fields such as AI to even look into implementing them into their own working environments. Change can be scary, of course, but showcasing that you can adapt to change will promote your business in a much more positive light. Overall, the best things that you can do to prevent making any crucial mistakes with artificial intelligence is to do your research and shop around for the best solution, discuss any major plans with the key people in your company and to avoid getting swept away by hype culture. With adequate planning and thought, AI could be one of the best additions to your business yet.

Some resources and communities to get involved with

One of the best things about getting involved with artificial intelligence and emerging technologies is that there is a fantastic, passionate community surrounding these industries and sectors in the world. We’re always impressed by the genuine love and excitement that people in the AI world showcase about their work; it’s truly inspiring. This is only improving with time too, which makes it the best time to get involved with artificial intelligence. Social media is an absolute gold mine in terms of useful content and tools for working with artificial intelligence. One of the main reasons is that you can see how other businesses are using AI in their own social media marketing campaigns and strategies. This is one of those areas of business where you really need to see the technology being used in practice to fully understand it. It’s all well and good reading about a technology, but seeing a fellow businessperson utilize the technology in context is one of the most effective ways to learn how to use it yourself. Another great thing about social media in regard to AI and technology is that there is a lot of content up for grabs. Content marketing has truly revolutionized the industry, and everyone wants a slice of screen time on every social media platform possible. This has led to an immense amount of content being produced and shared around. Of course, this does mean that it’s harder to get your voice heard as a business, but this does work out in your favor if you’re looking to research. We’re big social media fanatics here at Arantxaonline and would definitely encourage our readers to get involved with some online groups or communities to learn more about the world of AI. Modern businesses absolutely need a digital presence, and one of the best ways to do this is with social media. One place that we would really recommend checking out is LinkedIn- specifically for groups to join. The professional tone and nature of LinkedIn make it a wonderful place to connect with like-minded business people and peers. There’s always an interesting conversation or debate to get involved with on LinkedIn, whether it’s a discussion on the ethics of automated driving, a debate over jobs being lost to AI or simply people getting excited over a new piece of technology. If you haven’t got a page on there already, it would most certainly be a valuable move to get both yourself and your business set up on the platform. Other platforms can be useful too, of course. Facebook is known for having great, active communities in the form of their groups. Of course, it’s less formal than places like LinkedIn, but there is still the opportunity for some riveting conversation. YouTube can also be wonderful, as many people create free content for others, simply to boost their own marketing strategies. Reddit can also be an interesting place to read about technology and artificial intelligence. It’s generally a great idea to get onto as many mainstream social media platforms as possible, in order to involve yourself in the right conversations.

Something else that you can do to learn more about artificial intelligence is to look for interesting books online. Amazon is a great place to find intriguing content about AI and other technology-based subjects, and it has a useful review system so that you can determine which books are worth your time. If reading isn’t really your thing, there’s also options like Audible or technology podcasts on Spotify to help provide you with information in other forms. The main point that we are trying to drive here is that it’s incredibly important to constantly be learning and consuming new information when it comes to artificial intelligence and technology. Constantly feeding your brain with podcasts, documentaries, debates and news stories is vital if you want to build yourself up into an industry powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with.

Why is AI so important to Arantxaonline?
So, now that we’ve covered artificial intelligence and the uses of it in the workplace in more detail, it’s worth noting why Arantxaonline is so intrigued by artificial intelligence and emerging technologies in the world of business. Why did we want to bring this whitepaper to you? Put simply, innovation fascinates us. The world of AI is something that we think that every business should be keeping an eye on in the modern world. The rate of development and creative evolution that’s being showcased in this industry right now is absolutely incredible, and quite awe-inspiring as well.

Furthermore, getting involved in the world of artificial intelligence and automation in particular has made our own lives easier- and we think that it can make yours easier, too. For example, one of our most popular services is our digital marketing and development service. Artificial intelligence and automation technology have allowed us to put together some fantastic Instagram content packages for our audience, to help save them time, money and effort. Another reason why it’s so wonderful to get involved in emerging technology and AI in business is that there’s a bustling community, both online and in person. The sheer passion shown by creatives in this world is paramount to none, and the conversation that’s available is riveting. If you’re considering making the leap to working with AI or other intriguing technologies, we would encourage you to get online and start talking to people. Join some social media groups, post on some forums and order a few interesting books off of Amazon to get started. We guarantee that you’ll be hooked on this topic in no time at all. We live for working with technology, whether it’s PC repair services, creative digital and content marketing, or consultation and management services too. To tie up the end of this whitepaper, we wanted to showcase the different products and services that we offer and highlight how our years of experience in technology and business could benefit your company.

Key products that we offer

Arantxaonline is dedicated to providing the best, high quality products for our clients. We understand the problems and issues that a small business can face in the modern age, and we aim to fill these needs using our own experience. As well as focusing on emerging technologies and artificial intelligence, it’s important to make sure that every aspect of your business (for example, traditional marketing materials or workroom efficiency) is covered to the highest standard.

One thing that sets us apart from our competition is that we offer a huge range of products. Whereas some people may limit themselves to providing just one set of products, we firmly believe that a good business should aim to meet as many needs for their clients as possible. No matter if you’re looking for printing cartridges or gift cards, we have you covered. One of the main products that we are proud to offer is our wide range of ink and toner cartridges. We currently offer these for these mainstream brands of printer;

● Brother

● Canon

● HP

● Samsung

● Lexmark

If there’s something you’re looking for that’s not listed here, make sure to check out our website to see everything we offer in more detail, or feel free to contact a member of our team. We are always happy to hear from our clients and will always do our best to help you out. Additionally, we are pleased to be able to offer cost-effective, professional standard printers to go alongside our ink and toner cartridges. High quality printing can make all the difference with a traditional marketing campaign or a work delivery for a client. You would be surprised at how quickly the average customer can pick up on cheap, substandard printing work. Investing in a top-quality printer can make the world of difference to your business. We offer a wide range of printers for our customers as well as the ink and toner cartridges to go alongside them. Currently, we offer HP, Brother and Canon printers as we believe these are the best ones to invest in for any sort of business. Another product that we currently offer is gift cards and gift card personalization. If you’re looking to make somebody’s day but aren’t too sure what they like, a gift card is always the best option. Where else in Suriname can you sort out your printing needs, digital marketing and your gift shopping? We aim to meet as many of our clients’ needs as possible.

Currently, the brands that we offer gift cards for are;

● iTunes

● Amazon

● Spotify

● Google Play

● Netflix

● Facebook

● Skype

● Nintendo eShop

● Karma Coin


We offer gift cards in a whole range of prices too, to fit everybody’s unique needs and interests. If you want to find out more about this particular product, feel free to check out our website or get in touch with a member of our team today- contact details are at the end of the whitepaper. Overall, we’re proud to be able to offer so many unique products and we love hearing feedback from our audience on our current offerings as a brand.

Key services that we offer

Not only do we have some great products on offer, we also have some professional business services available for our customers. Our unique understanding of the digital marketing, business and retail worlds have allowed us to craft some truly bespoke and insightful services to help our clients make the right impact on their audiences. One of the main services that we offer is web design. There’s a lot of competition in the digital world, as it’s so easy nowadays to put together a basic website with a drag and drop editor. The key to standing out is to have a truly jaw dropping website that balances high functionality with beautiful design. We’ve had years of experience crafting websites for our clients, and we’re proud to be able to work with any industry or business style. Whether you’re looking for a retail store to wow your customers, a bespoke blog, or something else entirely, we would be happy to help. We truly value responsive, insightful design, and would love to help you build your dream site.

There’s multiple packages that you can get when purchasing web design work from us. We have the silver package, the gold package and the diamond package. There’s a wealth of benefits that come with each package, each increasing as you go along. For example, our gold package includes a number of unique page designs, and the diamond package includes meta descriptions and alt tag optimization, SSL, a whole month of Instagram auto posting and even an hour of complementary WordPress training to help you get started.

We firmly believe that if you’re not creating new and innovative content for your website, you’re missing out on opportunities to connect with and interact with your customers. Our web design services are entirely holistic, and they currently include things such as;

● Web maintenance. We understand the importance of maintaining and consistently working on a website- after all, you can’t just pop a website online and expect new customers to come running to you. Using our years of experience with SEO, digital marketing and design, we’ll make sure that your website is consistently grabbing people’s attention and converting new customers.

● Responsive layout. When designing a website, it’s important to not get distracted entirely by aesthetics and to focus on functionality too. We pride ourselves on being able to design with both responsiveness and aesthetics in mind, and always aim to make sure that the websites we craft are suitable for all devices.

● Unique page design. Our design work is 100% unique and tailored to each individual client. Depending on your industry and business style, we’ll use our experience to determine the best set up and structure for your site.

● Contact form. One of the most important things that you can do with your website is to have somewhere that your audience can get in touch with your team. Building a strong relationship with your customers online is absolutely vital- and this is in fact something that artificial intelligence can help with. In terms of what we offer here, we’re able to help with email marketing predominantly.

● Key service pages. It’s incredibly important to have landing pages for all of your key services, and we bear this in mind when creating work for each of our clients. Our work is designed to fit around your key services and products, as we want to help you maximize the potential of your time with your audience.

Essentially, we understand why great website design is so important, and we love creating bespoke, high quality work for our audience. Our combined years of experience in digital marketing and creation lead us to create innovative design work, and we can’t wait to work with new, like-minded creators in other small businesses.

Something else that we are proud to offer is our PC repair services. What’s the use of having a beautifully designed website if you don’t have a computer in perfect condition to work on it from? Arantxaonline is thrilled to be able to offer professional grade IT services and technology consultation sessions. Our aim is to help create a smooth running, efficient system for your company so that you have more time to work on the things that truly matter to your business.

We work with 5 key spheres of focus in mind in this area of our business. These are secure, repair, support, connect and monitor. These key values keep us focused in our work, and they guide us towards providing a more professional service each time we work with a new client. No matter the technological or PC-related issue it is that you are having, our team would be glad to help you out. We’ve been congratulated on our incredible communication skills and quality of service over the years and would relish the challenge of working with your company. The key things that our PC repair and technology consulting services include currently are;

● Laptop or desktop repair. The simplest of services, yet the most effective and valued by our current customers. Our experienced team is here to make sure that your team can get up and running as fast as possible.

● Virus and spyware removal. It’s a dangerous world out there, and there’s constantly new viruses and malware being released into the world. We help to keep you and your colleagues safe to work freely online.

● Professional data recovery services and backup plan management. There’s not a more horrible feeling than losing that key client brief or data backup in today’s society. We help to keep all of your valuable data and information safe.

● Innovative network design. Networks can be confusing, especially if you’ve never had to design one by yourself before. We’re here to make this daunting task less confusing and create a seamless network to help support your business.

● Cloud services and consultation. If you haven’t been working with the Cloud for long, it’s important to get an expert’s opinion and advice. This is one of the services that we offer to our clients who need that extra boost in the technological department.

● Cyber security management and advice. You would be surprised at the amount of people who leave security as an afterthought (Stonham, 2019). In today’s digital society, this is not a risk that a modern business can afford to take. We’re fiercely proud of the quality cybersecurity services that we offer.

Another one of the main services that we are known for excelling at is digital marketing.

Nowadays, companies simply cannot afford not to use digital marketing and emerging technologies to make an impact in their industry. Of course, traditional marketing does have its time and place, but the future is most certainly digital. We understand that marketing can be confusing, especially in the digital sphere. It’s easy to get swept away by new technologies or concepts and get caught up in the noise of hype culture. Arantxaonline is here to cut through the noise, and help you reach your key audience without even breaking a sweat. Our work is highly creative, entirely bespoke and affordable as well. We focus a lot on social media marketing, as this is one of the most effective ways to reach a modern audience on a consistent, accessible basis. We’re not fond of neglecting other styles of marketing, though- we believe that the best marketing strategies are comprehensive, holistic and slotted together like a well-organized machine. There are four main areas of our digital marketing services that we think it’s important for you to know about, which are;

● Search engine optimization. You’ll have heard the term ‘search engine optimization’ thrown about quite often as of late, as it’s a true focus in the digital marketing and business industries right now. SEO is one of the most important focuses that a business can have if they want to stand out from their competition and rank well on search engine pages. We use our years of creative and digital marketing experience to help make sure that your voice is heard above the buzz of the competition online.

● Website design and development. We’ve already covered the great benefits and perks that our bespoke website design, development and consultation services offer.

● Content marketing. Everything that we create is based around the idea that a business should create genuine value for their customers. Content marketing is a modern take on traditional marketing techniques, and we take on this challenge with ease. Our content marketing aims to bring you new customers to your website, and to reinvigorate the relationships with your current ones.

● Email marketing. As much as people might like to pass off email marketing as an ‘old fashioned’ marketing technique, we firmly believe that it’s one of the best ways to consistently engage with an audience and give them content to get excited about. Our email marketing is based around refining and honing sales cycles, and we also use automation to help make your working life even more modern.

Something else that we have in our digital marketing toolkit is an Instagram automation service, with three unique packages up for grabs. Automation is a wonderful tool (as this whitepaper has demonstrated) and we firmly believe that it goes hand in hand with social media marketing. The three packages that we currently have up for grabs are;

● The basic package. Starting at a mere $5 per month, this option focuses on 1 account and offers up 150MB of storage. The basic Instagram automation package works with Cloud automation and is based around story and regular Instagram posts. As with all of our services, it comes with 24/7 customer service from our dedicated team.

● The standard package. This package comes in at $8 per month, and the storage 250MB. The standard package works with 2 accounts instead of 1, which makes this package great for businesses that are just getting started.

● The business package. The business package is optimized for startups and small businesses who are looking to make an impact on the social media marketing sphere. For $12 per month, you get unlimited storage and usability for 3 separate accounts. This package also works with video content, which is important as video content is absolutely dominating the visual digital marketing sphere right about now.

Overall, automation can be hugely useful for social media marketing and we’d encourage everybody reading this to try it out for themselves in the workplace. As you will have seen from this paper, automation and artificial intelligence-based tools can be hugely effective for many sorts of digital marketing. They can save you time, money and effort, and free up your day so that you can spend time on the things that truly matter to you. Finally, we also offer some great online shopping services too. Our experience with digital marketing has given us a great insight into the world of retail and shopping, and we’re proud to be able to use this experience to make a difference for our unique client base. We value affordability right alongside quality, and we keep these values close to our heart with the unique online shopping services that we offer.


To conclude, artificial intelligence has absolutely exploded over the last decade in terms of innovation and development- and it’s showing no signs of stopping. This industry is full of some of the most creative and determined creators, and it’s going to be thrilling to see where AI technology ends up in the next couple of years. No matter if you’re a solo entrepreneur, part of a small business, a startup owner or something else entirely, artificial intelligence is only going to get more and more relevant to your everyday working life as time goes on. The rate of innovation and development in the industry is, quite frankly, astounding and there will always be new pieces of technology coming out that your team will need to familiarize themselves with. After all, what’s not to love when it comes to working with artificial intelligence? Not only can it make your working life more efficient and streamlined, it can also make your products even more professional and high quality. Your customers will also appreciate the fact that you are up to date on technology, as it’ll make their experience with your team even more beneficial. As we’re sure you know, customer experience should be at the heart of everything your business does. Using artificial intelligence to streamline a customer’s experience is a great step to take with your company. Furthermore, working with new, emerging technologies is one of the best ways to make yourself stand out from the competition and truly make an impact in your chosen industry or sector. Companies that actively seek out emerging technologies are always viewed as thought leaders and people to turn to for advice and the best service.

Put simply, making the choice to involve AI in your work is one of the best decisions that you can make for you, your team and your audience. If it’s something that you haven’t considered yet, we would greatly encourage you to at least spend some time reading into it. Here at Arantxaonline, we’re dedicated to helping each one of our clients to solve their unique issues and making the right impression on their customers. We are firm believers in the importance of both incredible technology and incredible customer experience, so we aim to provide both every time we sit down to work with a client. Whether you’re looking to get PC repair services, insightful digital marketing aid, top quality printing cartridges or something else more specialized, we would be thrilled to help you and your team. We are fiercely proud of the comprehensive, professional services that we offer, and we are always pleased to work on other projects if need be. Feel free to take a look at our website here to see our work in further detail. If you’d like to find out more about any of our services, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. You can email us at [email protected], call us on +5978934998 or (786) 622-1390, or speak to a staff member on WeChat today. If you would prefer to contact us on social media, we’re on there too. We’d love to know what you thought of this whitepaper and welcome any feedback gladly. If you don’t work with AI already, we hope that you are now inspired to take your first step into the dizzyingly brilliant world of artificial intelligence.

It is the future, after all.


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